Teen Advanced Saturday 4:30pm

This program now runs from September to June. Registration will be in September for the entire season. Payments will be due in September, January and April.

Full-Court Tennis 
12+ years old

Players will move to full court once they have a full repertoire of skills at the 3⁄4 court. For some very highly skilled players this will be at 8 years of age, however, for most players who have gone through the half and 3⁄4 court programs this transition will take place at 9 years of age. There will also be some late starters or less athletic players who will make this transition at 10 years of age.

Court Junior Tennis Lessons

Court Junior Tennis is based on a ‘learning through play’ philosophy which means that playing the game of tennis is the central feature of each session. Smaller courts, racquets and softer tennis balls make it possible to develop children’s skills faster.

Putting the “Fun” back into “Fun“damentals! A professionally developed skill acquisition program that enhances your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance and movement, as well as teaching your child the technical and tactical basics of tennis. Your child will not only be learning all the shots but also rallying, scoring and playing fun games.

There are three stages which offer a clear pathway for learning the game of tennis:

RED: ages 5 – 7, played on quarter size courts with lower nets and 25%compression balls that bounce lower, slower and are much easier to hit.
ORANGE: ages 7 – 9, played on regular courts with reduced length and width and 50% compression balls
GREEN: ages 9+, played on full size courts with 75% compression balls

Court Junior Tennis is all about:

HAVING FUN – players are actively engaged, excited and motivated to participate,
DEVELOPING SOCIALLY – players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play,
LEARNING THE GAME – players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations, and
DEVELOPING SKILLS – players have plenty of opportunities to improve and develop their tennis skills.

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